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There a ton of beautiful venues on Oahu, but I’m convinced that Leah and Keaton chose the best one! They chose Sunset Ranch. Sunset Ranch is a beautiful wedding venue located on the North Shore. As a photographer I love shooting at this venue for multiple reasons.

To start off, this venue is HUGE. I’m not joking. It’s crazy big. So big, that you can literally have all the events of your wedding day in one place. There’s getting ready suites, a huge lawn, a huge garden, a beautiful pathway, a pond, a little bridge, and a barn! I mean, just to name a few places on this venue. And because it’s so big you can literally have your wedding day all in one place! As a photographer who has shot weddings around the island, nothing is better for you and your guests to have everything located in one spot! No travelling between venues from ceremony to cocktail hour, etc. It’s all in one place!

Another reason I love this venue is that the ceremony space is unreal. Vines climbing all the way to the sky make you feel like you’re in Avatar (the blue people movie, not the Last Avatar although if there was a space that had a Last Avatar feel, sign me up to shoot there! I LOVE Avatar the Last Airbender lol). It’s absolutely stunning.

Ok, I’m going to stop here because I could go on and on about this venue! I think pictures that showcase Leah & Keaton’s wedding day at Sunset Ranch will be better at explaining how phenomenal this venue actually is!

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