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As an Oahu Wedding photographer, I’ve been getting a lot of my couples saying that they want their wedding day documented rather than curated, which I love! It shows that they truly want to be present during their day and they aren’t needing to get the “perfect shot.” HOWEVER. It’s hard to document things that aren’t happening. Let me explain.

Documentary style photography relies on the event itself! We can only document what’s actually happening! For example, let’s say you want fun, candid, elopement images. But if we look at a simple elopement timeline there’s only a few images that can be truly documented such as getting ready and the ceremony which both events hardly scream “fun” or “candid.” When these events are truly documented they typically look like any other wedding event. So how do we document the fun, candid, elopement images you want? Well we have to create those moments!

As your wedding photographer I’ll guide you with prompts, direction, and poses to help create those moments that can be captured in a documentary style of photography that you’ll love.

Let’s take a look at another example. Let’s say you’re having a big wedding on Oahu and you want dancing photos that give of “clubbing” vibes of your guests at your reception. But that can only be captured if that’s happening. If there’s only 5 people on the dance floor and they’re giving 0 energy…those “clubbing” vibes are not going to be documented!

Again, if it’s not happening, then it can’t be documented. On your end, you can make sure that you are creating events within your wedding that has moments you want documented such as creating a banger playlist, investing in fun colored lighting, securing a venue that offers intimate spaces for private vows or first looks, etc. Now these are just suggestions from your friendly wedding photographer on Oahu! And don’t worry, as I mentioned before, I can always help with creating moments that can be documented as well!

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