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If you’re a photographer, you know the term “slow season” all too well (and if you’re not a just means that we don’t have a lot shoots booked). Every photographer goes through it. And yes, even the ones who seem to have millions of followers and seem to be booked out for years on end. But trust me, they have slow seasons too.

Having a slow season is normal! And honestly, having a slow season can be so beneficial if you use it wisely. One of the many things you can do during slow season is to be creative!

Being creative brings us back to why we started in the first place. There’s no pressure, it’s just fun! You can try new things that you otherwise wouldn’t get to try during a paid shoot like testing out different camera settings, playing around with composition, new prompts, you name it! Having fun with your camera and experimenting helps you avoid burnout and helps you become a better photographer for when busy season does roll around again. And it will! Taylor Swift said it best, “The more art you create, hopefully the less pressure you put on yourself. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. If you keep making stuff, you just keep making stuff and hopefully you get better at it.”

There’s so much more I can say on this topic but I’ll just leave it at that for now. Take advantage of your slow season! I did. And it was sooo healing! Just look how cute the pics came out!

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