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When it comes to a photo session so many of my clients are nervous and tell me things like, “You’ll need to help us!” or “We are so awkward! We definitely need guidance.” And I totally understand! Honestly, I’m not even worried about that! During photo sessions with me, I guide and direct all my couples so that they are never left wondering what to do in front of the camera! And because of that, I’m never worried about my couples looking awkward!

So when it comes posing, I got you. All I want you to worry about is being present with your significant other. As a photographer I can give you all the prompts and guidance in the world, but to really make your final images scream your personalities and what your love looks like is to

  1. be present with one another and
  2. really make the prompts and guidance I give your own!

Because when you do, magic truly happens!

During Megan & Chris’s session they said those exact same phrases of “Help us!” and “We need guidance!” So of course I came in with the prompts and guidance! But what made Megan and Chris’s session amazing was that with every prompt I gave them, they took in this time to be present with one another. They were laughing, talking, and just having fun together! And their final images show just that!

So! If you want my advice to ensure you get the best gallery of images back? Don’t worry about having the perfect pose because your photographer has that covered! Just worry about being present and having fun with your significant other.

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