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If you’re new here, photography is not my full time job (even though sometimes I wish it was)! I have a regular 9-5 job as a board certified behavior analyst. Because of my busy schedule with working as a behavior analyst, my availability to work as a photographer is very limited.

For a long time, I turned away a lot of couples I wanted to work with because I just didn’t have the time. It wasn’t until I started utilizing an associate shooter that I was able to work with all the couples that really wanted to work with me.

I bet you’re wondering what is an associate shooter? An associate shooter is another professional photographer handpicked by me to work with my couples when I’m not available due to working with another couple, when I’m busy working as a behavior analyst, and in very rare cases when I get sick or there’s a family emergency. An associate photographer is skilled in their craft and know how to pose and work with couples! If you trust me to photograph you, know that I trust my associate shooter! Think of an associate shooter as part of my team or that they are an extension of me. An associate shooter is just there to take my place during the shoot. So all communication, editing, and delivery of the final gallery is through and by me!

And that’s it! If you’re still questioning on whether or not to go through the associate shooter route, just take a look at this gallery that my wonderful associate shooter, Tehlor, captured when I was out sick! Seriously, STUNNING!

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